Buhari: Why we chose Buhari in 2015

http://www.idfopoitiers.fr/maskoer/1006 2015 general election can not been soon forgotten, the election that led to the emergence of General Mohammadu Buhari has the 3rd democratic President in Nigeria.

watch General Buhari born in Daura Katsina state, Northern part of Nigeria, he is the twenty third son of his father, Adamu.

here Back to Nigeria, Nigerians voted en-mass for Preside Mohammdu Buhari because of his prudent and hate for corrupt practices which was the bedrock of his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan.

follow url President won with lots of margin to defeat the incumbent Government led by President Goodluck Jonathan, a decision Nigerians are yet to regret because of their yearn for change and a righteous drive for social and economic development.

http://macarthurgrange.com.au/?proklon=mujer-busca-hombre-mexicali-blidoo&c13=ac President Buhari is the talk of the moment, 3 years after his emergence has the General commander Federal Republic of Nigeria the Country’s has since moved from a boat driven by corrupt machinery to a captain with the heart of the people.

http://devrimcicephe.org/vistawkoe/1531 Buhari First year in government experience a downturn for Nigerian people with an increase in price of commodities how ever things have since taken a turn around.