Daddy Freeze hunts down D’banj over tithe

Nigerian paramount tithe fighter, in person of Daddy Freeze, who become famous after arguing that it is wrong to pay or receive tithe is hunting D’banj, for daring to admit paying tithe.

Some Christian have stopped paying tithes, other have even stopped attending Church because they feel cheated.
D’banj came under attack of the self-ordained tithe Police in Nigeria, because he believe it is alright to pay tithe.

Daddy Freeze should know that religious issue about position is about conviction, his action is become bully like, and he should study the movement of Marthin Lurther if before lose his relevance.

Today, Obasanjo at the age of 8o, the agile and strong will Ex-President is still working with prominent Nigerians to achieve a glorious Nigeria.

This drive has led him to consult with President Buhari several times which we believe has added great value to President Buhari decision making.

The fight for Boko Haram is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Obasanjo the man of the people, Obasanjo Africans voice, Obasanjo Nigerians Voice, Obasanjo the hero of the Ýoruba’.

The Yorubas are waiting for their to speak, while they various coalition party is emerging in name of Obasanjo coalition party

The race for a fresh spring, a young government without military DNA as since began in preparation for 2019 election.

2019 will surely be another GAME CHANGER.

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