Factors promoting child marriage in Nigeria

The practice of child marriage is sustained by certain culture, and unless there is a political and tactical approach, the future of many children might be in danger.

Not only in the North, but it is everywhere, wealthy people picking younger girls and boys as spouse, they might be even have husband and wives, they are among Muslims and Christians.

There are instance of older children of the person involved in this practice committing adultery with the spouse of their parent.

Those that should speak against this are not because they are hoping to do the same when they become wealthy. This is evil that must be destroyed in Nigeria.

Today, Obasanjo at the age of 8o, the agile and strong will Ex-President is still working with prominent Nigerians to achieve a glorious Nigeria.

This drive has led him to consult with President Buhari several times which we believe has added great value to President Buhari decision making.

The fight for Boko Haram is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Obasanjo the man of the people, Obasanjo Africans voice, Obasanjo Nigerians Voice, Obasanjo the hero of the ├Łoruba’.

The Yorubas are waiting for their to speak, while they various coalition party is emerging in name of Obasanjo coalition party

The race for a fresh spring, a young government without military DNA as since began in preparation for 2019 election.

2019 will surely be another GAME CHANGER.

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