Obasanjo’s coalition is a blessing to Nigeria

Obasanjo’s letter to President Buhari and his support for a new coalition group has kick started the biggest debate in Nigeria since 2015, and instead of going away, the issue has come to stay.

While it is very difficult for the government to accept, the opposition are taking advantage of it, but this is a blessing to both Parties.

Buhari is failing, he must effect a change, appoint youth into offices, and then the issue validate the accusation of the opposition against the government, but whatever the outcome, Nigeria stands to gain from this.

Today, Obasanjo at the age of 8o, the agile and strong will Ex-President is still working with prominent Nigerians to achieve a glorious Nigeria.

This drive has led him to consult with President Buhari several times which we believe has added great value to President Buhari decision making.

The fight for Boko Haram is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Obasanjo the man of the people, Obasanjo Africans voice, Obasanjo Nigerians Voice, Obasanjo the hero of the Ýoruba’.

The Yorubas are waiting for their to speak, while they various coalition party is emerging in name of Obasanjo coalition party

The race for a fresh spring, a young government without military DNA as since began in preparation for 2019 election.

2019 will surely be another GAME CHANGER.

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